Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Roti Paratha

话说那次SteveChicago吃了roti canai,走出餐馆,他還是说着,太好吃了,我希望可買roti canai回去,冷凍它。

Steve公司的新加坡客戶來了一群新加坡人在他的工作部門訓鍊,Steve跟他們談起…roti canai,他們告訴Steve說,新加坡叫它着roti paratha

我們不知道原來roti canai 也是roti paratha,所以從没去留意我們常去的華人商店有没有roti paratha。這天再去時,Steve很高興找到它!


As I mentioned before, Steve had roti canai when we visited in Chicago. After we walked out from the restaurant, he was still saying, “It was so good, I wish I could have brought back a bunch of roti canai and frozen them.”

Steve’s company has a group of Singaporean customers who came for training. And Steve talked about… roti canai; they said it is called roti paratha in Singapore.

We didn’t know roti canai was the same as roti paratha, and we have often been to a Chinese grocery, so we never looked for roti paratha there. One day, we were there again, Steve was glad that he found it!

This is raw and frozen; we need to heat it in a pan until cooked.

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