Friday, August 22, 2008

One world, different...



美国的游泳飞鱼Michael Phelps以八面金牌的成績打破了馬克·施皮茨1972年慕尼黑奧運所創出的七金紀錄,成為这一屆奧林匹克運動會中獲得最多金牌的運動員!我很惊讶他如此的成就,问Steve美国政府可有给他什么奖励吗?” Steve说,“No, 他们不会这么做。

Last week when I knew that Malaysia’s LEE Chong Wei would go to the finals in the badminton men’s singles in the Olympics, I like badminton game and I was anxious to watch the live match. But this game is not popular in the USA, so it wouldn’t be shown live on TV here. I was on Skype with a friend in Penang, and asked him which TV channel would show it live there. He was not sure, but suggested I search for the Malaysia TV channels on the internet. Steve had a bright idea; he searched the NBC site, which is one of the TV networks in the USA, it has all of the live games on the internet!

Even though the match played by LEE Chong Wei was not so exciting to me, he got a silver medal. Malaysia hadn’t won an Olympic medal for 12 years. He did an extraordinary service, so the government rewarded him RM300,000 and a monthly pension of RM3,000.

An American swimmer, Michael Phelps, now holds the record for the most gold medals won at a single Olympics; a total of eight, surpassing Mark Spitz, a swimmer in the 1972 Munich Olympics. I was amazed by his record and asked Steve, “Will the USA government reward him?” Steve said, “No, they don’t do that.”

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