Tuesday, May 9, 2017

'Wonders of the World' festival

We received the newspaper from our town, Florissant. I was simply browsing the pages and found that the annual Valley of Flowers festival this year was celebrating 'Wonders of the World' on May 5, 6, 7.
It was only about a mile from our home, so Steve and I walked over to see it.
The first thing we saw was an emergency helicopter. Steve asked, "Can we go for a ride?"
He was joking.  (No, I wasn't!  Maybe no one else had asked! - Steve)

There was a large circus tent when we arrived at the fairground, so we went in to see The Zoppe Family Circus, which had already started their performance (and was probably the reason for the emergency helicopter standing by.)

This guy gave an awesome performance, balancing on his hands on the long tubes.

There were also clowns, a local acrobatic group, and a mime.  The only animals in this show were 2 horses.  (Steve was really hoping there would be tigers, so he could pet them and bring one home.)
We appreciated the performers, we enjoyed the fun.

The Kincald Karacter Puppets for the little kids.

RW Magic.

A play area for kids.

Older kids and teens can paint.

A petting zoo.

Face painting + balloon art, and pony rides.

There were many food vendors, mostly serving BBQ.  Steve was immediately drawn to the stand selling funnel cakes, and tried the deep fried Oreos - Oreo cookies, dipped in batter, then deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Bubble fun with the Bubble Bus!
Under the shade of the outdoor ice rink (closed for summer) behind the bus, several dozen information booths and craft vendors set up, selling their wares.

Many kids were enjoying the festival, we have no kids though.

I am still a kid sometimes. I want to grab the bubbles!


Anonymous said...

All three of them have the same expression - "Is he dangerous?"

How cool! James and I went on a wonderful helicopter tour of the big island in Hawaii, years ago. The helicopter had a glass floor, and I was sitting next to the pilot. Who was drunk.


eHeart said...

Nah. I was chatting with the EMT near the back. The 2 up front had just finished talking to another family who came over to see it, and were showing them the cable cutters on the front of the chopper to keep wires out of the rotors.