Saturday, May 27, 2017

Missouri River Irish Fest

From the website, "Memorial Day weekend at Frontier Park in St. Charles is about all things Irish. Put on something green and head over to the Missouri River Irish Fest. There will be plenty of Irish music, dancing, food, drinks and more. There's also a Kids Village filled with art, crafts and other children's activities."

The old St. Charles train station.  While no longer used for trains, the building is still used for events.  Today, one room in the building was hosting Gaelic (Irish) language lessons.

Fredbird (the St. Louis Cardinals mascot) passing by.

Old-fashioned ice cream churns using small engines, instead of child labor, to churn the ice cream. 

Strategic Water Teams had a water purification system on display.  They train volunteers to build and set up these systems, who can then go to countries that lack clean water to install them.  The systems are cheap and, once set up, need only a marine battery and salt to purify tanks of water.

One of the old fire engines on display for the kids to play on. 

After visiting the festival, we walked over to Main Street and strolled up the street to see the various shops.

A statue of Daniel Boone.

 Grandma's Cookies shop was having a cookie eating contest.

A very old cash register on display in one of the shops on Main Street.

I like to see the old building designs.

 The old Post Office

 The Lewis and Clark Boat House and museum, which holds a replica of the boat used by Lewis and Clark for their expedition up the Missouri River.

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