Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Bahamas - Rose Island

Seventh day, we went snorkeling at Rose Island by Flying Cloud's catamaran $60. 

The catamaran has two hulls and is a wonderful boat that we can sit or lay on. 

A boat sunk during a hurricane a few years ago.

See, a little island with coconut tress along the way, just beautiful. 
Who owns a private island?

This trip is either to the beach or snorkeling. Of course, we chose snorkeling. 

They dropped off the guests who wanted to go to the beach, and then took the rest of the guests to the reef to snorkel for 1 hour. 

These are the most beautiful coral and fishes compared to the other snorkeling we took in the Bahamas. 

After snorkeling, they went back to pick up the guests on the beach.

The package included 2 drinks - rum punch and soda. 

While the boat was sailing back, I made a mistake and drank about 60% of the cup of rum punch. 

I felt my face get very hot and my eyes felt swollen.

When we arrived at the terminal, we saw our picture for sale $20.

I felt dizzy during the bus ride back to the hotel and I tried to hold my upset stomach until I got to the hotel room's toilet. 
All my breakfast came up. Rum punch is tasty but I didn't know it was so bad for me!

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