Monday, October 21, 2013

The Bahamas - New Providence

 Everyone can fly, even with wheelchair 

Last minute we changed my birthday trip to Bahamas instead of Mt. Rushmore, since the government shut down from Oct 1st onward. 

Bahamas is one of the Caribbean countries. We landed in Nassau, New Providence island. 

First day, we walked to Montagu beach, where there were several stalls selling fresh conch. 

Second day, we took the bus ($1.25) to Downtown and walked to the local Straw Market and Junkanoo beach.

Third day, we went snorkeling ($70-$5 voucher on free map). 

Steve is loving it since he learned to swim in deep water.
The trip took us to 2 points for coral reefs and fishes for 30 mins each.

Then we went to the final point to see sharks for just 5 mins. The staff put food in a metal box and lowered it down into the water, attracting the sharks to swim around the box. We snorkeled, holding the line near the boat. I could count 5 sharks, but maybe more than that.

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