Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Bahamas - Paradise Island

Fifth day, we took the public bus to the bridge to Paradise Island. 

Some of the signs in the bus are humorous. 

There are two bridges: one way each to and from for vehicles to Paradise Island, but both bridges have sidewalks, so we walked across.

That island is famous for the Atlantis resort - casino, water park, aquarium and other activities. 

We didn't go for any of them but just walked around the casino and shopping areas. 

Then we walked to Cabbage beach. 

We came back to Nassau by ferry, and the staff talked about the 10 room suite that looks like a bridge between 2 towers of the hotel. 
"How much per night?" 
"$25,000 per night and min for 4 nights." 

"Yoga Retreat, they only eat vegetables, fruits and nuts. It's nuts."

"The wooden shack is from the James Bond movie "Thunderball", back in the 1960s."

The ferry stop at Downtown, Nassau. I like the colorful of little stores.

After we had food at Burger King, we took another public bus to Cable Beach. 

Who drew a heart on the sands? 
No, he is not as romantic as you thought.

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