Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Bahamas - Blue Lagoon Island

Sixth day, we went on a package tour to Blue Lagoon Island $54, where we could observe dolphins and sea lions.

A baby dolphin, just 10 days old, swimming with mother dolphin. 

There are several kinds of packages with different prices.

Dolphin Encounter $98

Dolphin Swim $185

Sea Lion Encounter $90

They also have a touch tank where the staff put a see egg urchin on our palm. 

Lunch was included, then we relaxed and had a little nap on a big hammock.

Then we went swimming and playing on the slide. Those toys are for young people, but I was going to try... Oh man, I think I getting 1 year older is what made it hard to get up onto it. I needed someone to help pull me up.

Steve on the slide. We both went twice. It's fun. 

See, who found this shape of rock? 
Yes, he said he saw a heart shape rock.

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