Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Successful life

Continuing the previous blog posted – Power of words
Is it that people who have only a high school education can’t have success in life?’ This was one of his questions. 
I remember I shared with him and the group: “Frankly to tell you all, I got out of school and started working after I finished my SPM exam. I think my life is good. Besides working, I do volunteer work. I continue learning and feel wonderful. I have a lot of friends with bachelor’s degrees, and some have master’s degree; however, I have self-confidence and never think that I am not good enough or lower than others.” 

In fact, I was very poor in Malay language subject; I got 8 points, meaning ‘Pass’ only (1 is highest; 9 is failing) on my SPM (senior year in high school) certificate. The system is: Regardless of scores in other subjects, scores in Malay language must be between 1 and 6 to get an A grade certificate, which is required for admission to Malaysian public universities.   
My family was poor and couldn’t support me to study in a private college. Also, I didn’t like studying boring books, so the only way for me was going to ‘work university’. 
I rarely share about this; only when someone asks questions. I know a successful life is in one’s attitude, not based on how high he/she graduated.

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我記得我給他及組員們的分享大略是: “老實告訴你們,我只是考完SPM就出社會工作。我覺得我的生活很好,除了工作還當義工,一直學習,人生很充實。我的義工朋友很多是大學生、有些是碩士,但我對自己很有自信心,從不覺得自己比人差。 

其實我的馬來文科最差,SPM成績是得到8,即是Pass而已(1是最高分; 9是不及格)。教育制度 - 不管其它科目,不過馬來文科必須介於16,才有甲等文憑,及有可能上政府大學預備班。

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