Saturday, December 24, 2011

Power of words

In Facebook, I ran across a friend who graduated and is an engineer now. When I first met him, he was a form 5 student (senior year in high school.) I helped a counselor conduct seminars in a high school for students preparing for their high school final exam. My friend was one of the students and a member in one of the groups I facilitated. 
After the seminar, he is one of a few students who sometimes contacted me, but just for a while. We hadn’t messaged each other for years, so I wrote to him, asking about his life there. 
He replied, “I am fine. Ya, I still remember what you mentioned in the SPM exam seminar. After that, I always enjoy life in school and working. Even today, your words still help me make decisions in my life. At here, I have to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH again. ^^” 
I asked, “Really? I am glad you are telling me, but I do not remember what I said.  Can you let me know what I said and why I mentioned these words, or was it that you questioned something?”
He replied, “You said, ‘the result from the exam does not determine your whole life, as long as you try your best, have a clear conscience and don’t worry about whether you have a good or bad result, because that is your result.’ If I am not mistaken, my questions were, ‘does that mean if I don’t have a good result then I wouldn’t have a good future? Is it that people who have only a high school education can’t have success in life?’ After this seminar, I found that I could face every exam easier.  I study hard to get 'my result', and I also accept all the bad results that I get from the subjects that I not expert in, like language and history. After I finished the exam, I won’t worry about the result, because it is 'my result'. All of this I got from you, I love you too, Sister Sin E.” 
Oh yeah, thanks to him for reminding me. I really did not expect that my words to help and encourage him would still benefit, even now. I feel pleased and satisfied. 

If you were motivated by someone’s words, just tell him/her. He/she would appreciate, it should be a great reverberation.

他回覆: “我很好。對了,我還記得當時SPM考前充電營,你提到的話。之後,我常愉悦面對我半工半讀的生活。至到現在,你的話還是讓我在人生做決擇時很有幫助。在此,我要再說非常感谢你。^^”  
我再寫給他: “是嗎?我很高興你告訴我,但我不記得我說了什麼及為何而說,或是否你問了些問題?元鈞,謝謝你,我愛你。 
他再回覆: “你說,考試的成績不代表是生活的全部,盡了全力去考就好。只要盡了自己的全力,問心無愧,就不用擔心你考到的成績是好是壞,因為那是屬於你的成績。如没錯,我的問題是,是不是考不好大考就没有美好未來?考完SPM出社會的人就不能成功?充電營後,我發覺我較能面對考試,我努力讀書,得到我的成績,我也能接受所有不擅長的科目如語文及歷史的不好成績。考完後,我並不擔心成績怎樣,因為這是我的成績這都是我從你那得到。我也愛你,心憶姐。” 


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