Thursday, December 22, 2011

Abstract expression of love

When I was a little kid, I waited for my brother to get back home from school everyday. I expected him to come back with a snack, taken out from his pocket. Sometimes, there was dried fruit, sometimes it was a cracker, sometimes it was candy…  All those made me happy inside my little heart; I felt so nice from my brother. 
The kid days were short, and I didn’t realize that my sensibility was going into hiding. 
After I became an adult, my brother had a job in another state for a few years. However, he came back home and helped dad’s hawker business in the wet market. Even though we were staying together, we did not talk much. And my brother had a temper, so we were not close at all. 
My brother married, and he took my dad’s job, but the business gradually declined. Nevertheless, my brother often came home with fruits he bought from other hawkers. Sometimes there were papayas, sometimes lychees, sometimes durians…  We were happy to have them, but somehow I didn’t think my brother was nice. 

Later, when I realized love can be expressed through behaviors, I finally figured out my brother likes to buy food for the family; it is the way he shows love. 

Can adults understand this kind of abstract expression of love?



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