Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gift culture

The first time I received a gift from Steve’s friend here in the US, I just placed the gift aside, still wrapped. His friend saw I still hadn’t opened the gift after a while, and finally said to me: “Why don’t you open up and see?” So, I unwrapped the gift as she requested. Then, she seemed happy when she saw I liked the gift. 

In Malaysia, most people would wait until the gift giver was away, and then open the gift to see what it is. I am not sure if it is considered ‘good manners’ or just the cultural norm.  Are both parties afraid of being disappointed if the gift is not as ‘expected’, so that it’s better to avoid it on the spot?       

當我來了美國這兒,第一次收到Steve朋友的禮物時,我把禮物放置在旁。送禮者看我遲遲没折開禮物紙包裝,最後忍不住對我說: “為何不打開禮物看看?我才傻傻的按她的要求折開禮物紙包裝。然後,送禮者看到我喜歡,送禮者也很歡喜。


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