Friday, November 18, 2011


In my life, I never met anyone who had been in prison. Then I went to a Buddhist group called Inside Dharma ( and same link to Shinzo Zen Meditation Center.)  I met a few of them who are ex-offenders. Last week, one of them shared with me and my husband, the first time he received a Christmas card (from Inside Dharma) after he had been in prison for several years.  He said it was overwhelming. 
My heart was so touched. What a huge impact a light little card made! 
Even when someone makes a mistake and is being punished, they still deserve peoples’ care and support to get through. Help them to grow and change. 
All human beings need to feel loved.  
在我的生活裡,我從未接觸過曾監獄者,至到我參與一個佛教組織名為Inside Dharma及同屬的Shinzo禪修中心,在那遇到幾位前犯罪者。上星期,我和丈夫與其中一位在閑談,有一小段分享。他說,在牢獄幾年,有一年第一次收到一封聖誕卡(來自Inside Dharma)。那是他很大的感觸。


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