Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My car - Fei-Long

After I moved to the USA, most of the time I was at home. Sometimes, I did nothing and I felt a little stagnant. When people ask me - what am I doing at home, gradually I don’t know how to answer.
In the past, I had an excuse; I need to adjust to the environment. But now, I have been here almost four and a half years. I think this excuse couldn’t be used anymore.
Then, what excuse next?
Yes. There is a phrase - no car is similar to no legs. In the past, I didn’t want to have a car because I don’t like driving. However, it is really difficult not to have a car here. So, I pestered Steve for a car (used car is also okay for me) for few months.
Finally… my car is in our garage. It is a new Honda Civic Sedan LX Auto.
Wow! I never dreamed I would have a Honda Civic in Malaysia (I just day dreamed for a sports car)! Honda Civic in Malaysia, the price is over RM115,000. How can I afford it? In Penang, my car is a used Proton (Malaysian car manufacturer.)
The price (including tax) for a Honda Civic Sedan LX Auto is about US$20,000 in the USA. I am staying in the USA, so don’t use exchange rate. However, if using the exchange rate, the price equates to RM66,000.
The price is so much different.

我的車到了家的車庫。嶄新的Honda Civic Sedan LX Auto
Honda Civic囉(發白日夢要跑車就有啦)!馬來西亞的Honda Civic價錢RM115,000以上,我那捨得或買得起?我在檳城的車是Proton二手車。
Honda Civic Sedan LX Auto價錢加稅後大約是US$20,000,不要把美元換馬幣,因為是生活在美國。即使換率成RM66,000),價錢也是相差很大。

Alright, now I need to find a non-profit organization. One of my wishes: do volunteer work.
Oh yeah, I named my car, Dragon (Fei-Long). And had a newborn ceremony for Dragon with Metta sutra.

好啦,我必須去找一些資源及非盈利團體,實現我的另一個願望: 義務工作。

May Dragon accompany us on the road smoothly and safely.

Appreciate Dragon.




Anonymous said...

hi, xinee,
haha... now u don't have the excuse to stay at home doing nothing d. :-) Happy for you, u can now meet more friends and color your life with more outside activities. Good luck with your fei long. :-)


eHeart said...

mei juan (didi),
one more excuse, i still haven't pick up most Americans' English, when they speak fast, i might just get 50% or less. haha...

joan wells said...

I really like "Dragon" I am happy for you. Now you can go out anytime you want. Be safe. Love, Joan

eHeart said...

Thanks, Joan. Love you too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee Kiat,

I also wish to own one fei long, but over here (M'sia) too expensive.
Congratulation. Chew

eHeart said...

Hi Chew,
How are you? long time no see.
yeah, Malaysia cars price too expensive.
i hope you and your family are fine there.