Saturday, March 26, 2011

People are innocent

What do you think about these comments regarding Japan situation after 3/11:



Translated comment:Why Japan? The United States has shown strength and power in the world, and is also a highly industrialized country, carbon dioxide emissions are almost one-fifth of the world’s total accounted annually. Japanese are growing to learn about environmental awareness, to conduct waste separation and recycling systems, which have contributed to the protection of the Earth.”

My thought is: ‘Why?’, here is a hard question. Who ‘really’ can answer it?

我認為: 問這樣的为什么?是一個難題。誰能給真實的答案?

Translated comment: "March 11, 2011, a sad day. “Look at the news of the earthquake, I can’t tell my sadness.
I have dinner with kids, I talk about this earthquake, and my son said his classmate said Japan probably deserved the earthquake, who told them to go to war with our country before!
What kind of thoughts does this classmate's family put into their children’s minds?
These kinds of negative thoughts, in fact, make me more sad. . ."

My thought is: The parent’s thinking will influence their kids. This is education too.

我認為: 父母的思想將影響孩子。這也是教學。

“This is one of the reasons why I hesitate to donate (referring to Japan’s nuclear plant secret).”

翻譯: 就是这其中的原因我不愿捐款。(因关于日本核電廠背後的秘密)

My thought is: Governments are political, but people are innocent.

I joined the Tzu Chi team here to do street fundraising this weekend.

我認為: 政府都是搞政治。我關心的是人民很無辜。




eHeart said...

add one more sentence from the kid's mom:


I told my kids, the japanese war had over. That was not those victims' fault, we should help those in need, regardless who they are, what they have done before... "

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yeah. thanks for your comment.