Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guidance is important

We often receive coupons from companies, like $0.25 - $5 for grocery shopping. I save and use these coupons if I need those things.
We were in a grocery store and I looked at my coupon and I found that brand of bread. The original price is $2.79, and it was on sale for $1.99. I had a coupon for $0.35, and this store offers ‘Double Coupon’ for $0.40 and below. So, I just needed to pay $1.29 for that bread. (Steve doesn’t like this kind of shopping, he likes 10 minutes shopping, get what he needs and get out. He always shows his tired face when I shop too long. That makes me feel guilty and mad sometimes.) At that moment, a young lady with a cart and three boys around 5-8 years old came to look at the bread. One of the boys pointed to the bread and said, “I want this.” The lady said, “This one is not on sale, we can wait.” She took the one which was on sale. The kid was listening and seemed to understand her, happy and no argument at all.
When we walked away, I said to Steve, “So wonderful, that lady is teaching the kids.” Steve said, “Yeah, nobody taught me that.” This is not a good reason, but an adult’s guidance is important and influential to a kid when growing up.

I grew up to spend money carefully since my dad worked hard for living. However, I do not hesitate to spend for necessary things, or donate money, or volunteer when I can.



我们在超级市店,我看着折扣卷找那商家品牌的面包,原价$2.79刚好又on sale $1.99,折扣卷$0.35而这超级市店又给$0.40或以下的折扣卷可双倍(double coupon),所以我买这面包只付$1.29(Steve购物只看合意及价钱合理就可,速买速走。他常不大喜欢陪我购物若我太久,有时令我沮喪生气。) 这时,有位少妇推着购物车,跟着三个小男孩5-8岁之间,来看着各类面包,其中一小孩指说他要那面包,少妇回应他,这沒有on sale,我们可以等。少妇拿了別的面包。小孩很听话,似乎很理会,沒有一丝不高兴。

走开后,我对Steve说,那少妇对小孩的教导,真棒。” Steve说,沒人教我这样。这不算很好的理由,但从小成长,大人给的教导却实很重要及影响。不过还好,他是节制的人。

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