Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vegetarian Tigers

Mrs. Tiger often read books or internet articles when she is free, and she learns some things. However, the information about vegetarianism surprised her. This is a new idea among Tigers. She starts wonder – might it be possible for a Tiger to be vegetarian?

At that moment, Mr. Tiger came back from hunting, and he is delighted when coming in and says, “Babe, it was a good day, we have sheep for dinner!”

Mrs. Tiger says after kissing Mr. Tiger, “Honey, guess what interesting thing I read about?”

“What’s so interesting? Make up? Gardening? Cooking?”

“Hmm…it is about vegetarianism.”

“Ha…vegetarianism? It is none of our business.”

“Yeah, but the info from the internet said that a vegetarian diet is healthier.”

“So what? Sheep are vegetarians, but they become our food.”

“Oh ya… but the research reports that when cows, sheep, etc, are killed, they release chemicals into its body that are toxic. We eat meat that is emotionally toxic because it contains large amounts of neurotransmitters created by the fear and pain of dying. And that the majority of pathogens are from it.”

“Nonsense, meats have been our main foods all our lives, and we are strong. We haven’t gotten sick.”

“Just because we don’t feel sick now does not mean we won’t get sick someday!”

“What else is there if we don’t eat meat? My parents only taught me to get meat, and I am not interested in other food. Don’t tell me to be vegetarian!”

“That’s the reason. Because of our ancestors, parents inherit teaching that meat is food, so by nature we are following the ancient culture and pass it on to future generations.”

“This is our duty, to pass on our culture. What’s wrong with that?”

“If we know that it’s not right, why should it still continue? It would be better if I become a vegetarian now and promote it!”

“No…if we are vegetarian, we will be killed and eaten by other animals. Don’t you understand the law of the jungle - the weak are the prey of the strong.”

“Don’t be silly. Don’t you understand that even though we are strong, there is always another who is stronger? In fact, all beings should have their right to live. Why must we kill and eat meat!”

“It is better to blame our parents; it is their fault for not teaching us about vegetarianism. Do you want to have the sheep’s meat?”

“Ai… when can we start to be vegetarians?”


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