Friday, April 10, 2009

Heart released Knot

Knot loves Heart so much, and clings persistently day and night. However, Heart already felt annoyed by Knot; the love of Knot was making Heart so stressed. That’s not a true love! Heart was distressed and didn’t know how to get rid of this relationship. Finally, Heart plucked up courage and came in to Life’s counseling room. Life has several counseling sessions with Heart, and here is the key point:

There are many toys in the counseling room and Life wanted Heart to choose a toy. Heart looked around and chose a pretty rock. Then Life told Heart to embrace the rock with both arms. Heart does it. Life is looking at Heart but stays silent. Ten minutes, twenty minutes pass by….

Heart feels tired; the rock feels heavier and heavier. Heart becomes impatient and says, “How long should I embrace it, huh?”

At this moment, Life says, “The rock you are embracing now is like what you have been telling me about Knot. So what do you think you can do?”

Heart says, “I just want to let go of the rock!”

Life says, “Don’t you love Knot; you two are inseparable?”

Heart says, “I thought Knot was tied to me constantly, ah.. In fact, it is me constantly embracing and not letting go.”

Life says, “So put down the rock.” Heart did. Life says again, “How do you feel now?”

Heart says, “Whew… I feel ease, comfort, freedom; I feel relieved.”

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