Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Geography & History

Geography walked into a museum; the owner of the museum is History. Geography and History have been good friends for a long time. As Geography was entering, History was setting up stuff, and said hello. After History finished working, they went to a café for a chat.

History asks Geography with caring, “How is your life recently?”

Geography sighs and says, “I am not like you. I am an employee with an unstable life. I need to face natural and man-made disasters. I can’t imagine how my future will be!”

History wonders and asks, “What do you envy about me?”

Geography says, “At least your life is stable and you have a museum with new stuff always coming in. Humans think your stuff is realistic and valuable, so they are interested. You have regular business and are growing gradually.”

History says to comfort, “Don’t blame fate. In fact, your contributions are obvious for all to see.”

Geography sighs again and says, “No, I can’t change destiny, but destiny can’t change you.”

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