Friday, April 3, 2009

The 2009 Spring Beauty

Sun organizes The 2009 Spring Beauty Pageant. Rules for the contestants are below:

1. Must be born and living in the Flower country

2. Must be under 10 days old

3. Shouldn’t have had surgery, makeup or be artificial

After registration opened, in succession, the head shots or full length photos from those Flowers were sent to Sun. They hope their beauty and charm will help them ascend the throne to be the Queen one day.

Sun invites Dirt, Water and Air as the judges of the Beauty Pageant. They selected 10 contestants in the finale. However, from this finale, the three winners, 2nd runner up, 1st runner and The Queen will be voted by audience.

Audience, please vote enthusiastically through COMMENTS. Every audience member is allowed to have 3 votes maximum!


1. 只限土生土长的公民

2. 年龄不能超过10

3. 不经过整容、美容或变形的





sue said...

3 votes huh. Well then two votes for Ms Pansy and one for Ms Daffodil. Pansy's have such beautiful faces.

Xiu Juan said...

My 3 votes go to No.4~
Nice flower you have there, is that all from your garden? I wish i can be there too :)

阿洛 said...