Friday, November 7, 2008

The promise

Ya-hoo… Oh, I suppose should yell Google! My promise was done! What promise? Laa… I said when I received the first check from Google, I intended to donate it. In May, I represented all of you, and donated US$50 each to the Myanmar and Sichuan relief efforts before I received a check ( Finally, at the end of Oct., I received the first check from Google. These are our efforts to return a little to charity! I hope you continue to the commercials…

呀呼噢,应该是喊谷歌!承诺终于实现了!什么承诺?咧我说若收到Google的第一张支票我钱捐出,而我也在5月份代表大家,先出钱捐款给缅甸和中国四川赈災各US$50。现终于收到 Google10月尾寄来第一张支票了,这是大家的努力,小小慈善回馈!希望你继续点击商业纲

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