Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The US economy is deteriorating. Of course, it is circulating around the world. Some people affected directly have lost their jobs. Some people affected indirectly worry about their future.

A friend, TLing, was sad and talked about some people surrounded by bad news. I was empathetic, and I encouraged her to think more positively.

A Malaysian friend, CH, chatted with me and talked about Malaysia’s market not looking good…but he can’t change the market & economy. I said to him, there is one thing he can change: change your mind…

When a situation is unchangeable by one’s own ability, if we think more negatively, it will get you down even more. Why not change your mind and thoughts, and just spread positive and good energy out! I think this can also circulate…

Let’s start every single morning, by saying to ourselves, “This is the beginning of a new, great day!”






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