Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Weekend with Family

Steve's nephew's family came from Cincinnati and his sister's family came from Kansas City for the Labor Day holiday weekend. The first day, we went to City Museum.

Here is the rooftop of the museum.  All the things are recycled materials including an old school bus that hangs off the building.

I tried the slide, it was fun.

Steve did not go with us, but instead stayed home to make a large batch of brownies to bring to his cousin's BBQ the next day.

I cooked fried noodles.

Pork chops, pork ribs, pork steaks in the large cooker on the left,  mostaccioli in the middle, and baked beans on the right. 

Sitting around the table eating & telling stories.


This is brownies topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup!  

I dream I have a sport car.

Here I am driving a classic Corvette, but it is not my car.

We had a good time together. 


Anonymous said...

He Steve, I know what you need to get SinE for Christmas. :)


Anonymous said...

A broken down classic & let her spend several years searching for OEM parts & rebuilding it?
Shannon, Isn't that how it works with husbands though? Why is a car any different?


Anonymous said...

nice car


Anonymous said...

It looks great but on 2nd thought ,Maintenance is a headache too..


Anonymous said...


Choo Choo

eHeart said...

It is.

Some people take it as hobby - maintenance
I'm not mean that I like do maintenance, not at all.

Choo Choo,
身外物, 不那麼重要.

Anonymous said...

Feel great ah :D