Thursday, March 19, 2015

My pottery pieces

I signed up for a 6 class pottery session.
First, we made pottery by hand, then put them in the 'Greenware' area to dry. They need to dry for at least a week, then they go for firing.

After fired, they are ready to glaze.

The teacher advised me not to put on too much paint, or it would cover the lines of the design.
Then they go for firing again.

The third class, we used the wheel.

 Let them dry for a week. 

I made one bowl each for 2 classes.

After they dried, then trim and shape the bottom of the bowl, and let them dry again for a week before firing.
We learn to carve a stamp in the last class.

This little plate, made by hand, was glazed with two colors. There are different types of glazes if the potteries are for food.  
It ready for firing, but it was the end of the session, so I need to wait until the next session to see the plate and bowls again.

So far, the two vases are done.
It's supposed to be green, but looks like it a little blue was mixed in.
I painted too thin; it didn't have enough green glaze.

I made the hanging vase on the left, inspired by this heart shaped vase I bought several years ago.  I drew the outline and center heart line on paper. The teacher wanted us to search a design to do in the second class, so I took the paper to the class.
When I showed the design to the teacher, and described the center hole, she said I didn't have the skill to do it yet. 

I came up with this design instead. That's fine.

Every pottery piece will have the artist's signature. 
I am not an artist, yet. Haha.. I think the signature does not have value, yet. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, Sin E, very impressive! So did you make three items, the grey, the brown, and the green? They are lovely.


eHeart said...

No, the grey hanging vase one not made by me.

Anonymous said... beautiful


eHeart said...

Thank you, Mary.

Anonymous said...

very artistic...very impressed

Siew Chneh

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you for taking something you like to do! They are nice! Keep going with it! You can make endless pieces for your home and garden and your friends and relatives! Lol


eHeart said...

Joan, I am thinking stop this class, but to learn other thing.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic ! You got talent ! :)


Anonymous said...


Swee Hoon

eHeart said...

Everyone can do it, everyone got talent.

Anonymous said...

Well done