Monday, March 30, 2015

Lao Ma gone

2007 was my first year here, Steve was driving 4 hours to Kansas City. He was trying to pass some other cars, and I said to his car, "Fei Ma (Flying Horse), faster, faster." So, it got a name - Fei Ma.

For the last two years, Fei Ma had a problem sometimes - it wouldn't start. Steve said it is became Lao Ma (Old Horse), and thinking to trade it. However, Steve always delays things.
Lao Ma died peacefully last Sunday night in the garage at home. The cause - anti freeze in the oil and no compression in the cylinders.

Steve decided to donate Lao Ma to PBS. It will likely become a parts donor, extending the lives of many other cars.
So, today I passed the key to the tow truck driver, and said to Lao Ma; "Goodbye!"

I felt sad when I saw it was gone.


Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, Lao Fei Ma. I get attached to my possessions, too.


Anonymous said...

Good reminder: Always sign your organ donor card.


Anonymous said...

'Part donor' to extend d lives of other cars. Ha ha, what a kind &heart u have!


Anonymous said...

Bye bye, Lao Ma!