Monday, June 23, 2014

Enchanting Thailand performances

We went to see a Thai Classical dance and Music performance - 'Enchanting Thailand', organized by the Thailand Embassy/Consul General.
They presented a short video about 'Amazing Thailand' by the Tourism Authority of Thailand before the performances started.

短片播完後。我很困惑了,因為有兩次的伊斯兰教人的景,但就是完全沒有佛教的影像色彩,沒有佛寺,沒有佛像,沒有憎人。。。 我出生成長在馬來西亞,那些泰國特殊的佛教影像那麼深刻在我腦海,我一直以為泰國是佛教國。也許我錯了。
I was confused when the video ended, because twice it had Muslim scenes but no Buddhist related images at all.  No Buddhist temples, no Buddha statues, no monks...  Their outstanding Buddhist images are deep inside my mind as I was born and grew up in Malaysia. I thought Thailand is a Buddhist country, but maybe I am wrong. 
I suspect someone in high authority must be a Muslim. I am disappointed, they didn't show their equivalence.  

Anyway, basically I like their culture. Let's see the performances.
How beautiful this Thai DJ with her costume.

Cymbal Dance

These are scenes from the Thai version of the famous Indian story 'Ramayana'.

Rama and Thotskan in Combat

The Pursuit of Supanna Matcha

'Hanuman' (Monkey) interacts with audience.

Kingkara Bird Dance

The Fan Dance
One of the Southern Region Dances, similar to Malaysia.

Cock Fighting Dance
This one very interesting.


Anonymous said...

That is strange!


eHeart said...

Yeah, this video is showed to Americans.