Friday, June 20, 2014

Body's nature

One day, we went out to yoga and we saw a squirrel laying on our driveway. We could tell, he/she was dead. I sent a thought, may he/she would go to a good new life.

我們回來時,牠還是在哪。Steve 有些不悦,因為須處理這死去的松鼠裝進垃圾袋,三天後垃圾車才來,天氣熱,一定將會發臭得很。他很不願即刻行動去做。
He/She was still there when we got back home. Steve was a bit frustrated about putting the dead squirrel in a trash bag, because the trash pick up was 3 days later, it was hot out, and would start to smell very bad by then. He hesitated to do it immediately.

We went into the house and had our light dinner. Later, Steve looked at the driveway through the window, and the dead squirrel was gone. We felt a little 'surprised' - someone must have gotten it?
We guessed it might be a hawk.
我們進屋吃簡便的晚餐。過後,Steve 向窗外看,車道上沒見那死去的松鼠了。我們覺得有些‘意外’ ~會是誰?

At the end, something, either a hawk or the worms will get the body when it is dead. Human bodies too. Is it cruel?
No, it is the truth.

Have you decided how you want your body to contribute and what kind of funeral you prefer?
Let your closest family know while you still can.

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