Friday, November 30, 2012

US - Grand Canyon at South Rim

We went in South Entrance Station near Tusayan,AZ, where we stayed last night.

From South Entrance driving to Desert View, the closest viewpoint toEast Entrance Station.

The staircase up to top of tower.

The decorated walls inside the tower.

Window view from top of tower.

In fact, last night we already drove through from East to South Entrance (about 20 miles?), but it was nighttime and we couldn't see anything. 

We drove South - East, then East - South again, stopped at Navajo Point and Lipan Point.

Tusayan Museum and Ruins.

My shoes are loyal and have been many places with me the past five years.  I love them, but am afraid to say good-bye to them soon. 

Then to Grandview Point, Mather Point, Yavapai Point. 

We missed Yaki Point because the driveway was blocked.  Only shuttles were allowed to go there, and we were not sure whether the shuttle line was still running in November. 

South Rim Canyon's model.

We parked the car near Bright Angel Trailhead to take the shuttle to all the viewpoints.

Our shadow.
The shuttle comes every 15 minutes. 
The end viewpoint is named Hermit's Rest. 

"Some visitors asked me to take them to the Skywalk, where is the stop?" one of shuttle's drivers said, "Skywalk is about a 5 hour drive to the East Rim of the Grand Canyon, and costs about $80 per person."

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Airticketonsale SG said...

There are some people who wonder why people often book flights to USA just to see the Grand Canyon. But perhaps, the photos on your blog post would explain that the site flaunts more than just a massive mountain of rocks. It's a nature experience that astounds many.

Thank you for the post!