Tuesday, November 27, 2012

US - Arches National Park

A store in the mountain in Hanksville, UT. Cool!

Landmarks in Arches National Park named Three Gossips on the left and Sheep Rock on the right.

Balanced Rock

 Arch named North Window

Arches named North Window and South Window
They looked like eyes.

Turret Arch.
Hiking trail 1 mile round trip for The Windows and Turret Arch.

Skyline Arch

This tiny old trailer parked was driving very slowly in front of us, but we stopped at some viewpoints on the way. When we arrived at Devils Garden Trailhead at the end of the road, it was there.

Hiking trail starts from Devils Garden trailhead to Tunnel Arch.

Then to Pine Tree Arch.

 Then to Landscape Arch.

Heading to Double O Arch, we found the trail is more difficult, we almost gave up.

Steep, narrow, slippery rock surfaces, some areas we didn't know which way the trail went, until we saw the rock cairns marking the way. 

After 4.2 miles round trip, we finally got to see Double O Arch.
We didn't continue to Dark Angel at the end of the trail, that might have added 2 miles round trip?

So, we hiked back on the trail.
Nature's art! What does it look like?

Then to Partition Arch.

Then to Navajo Arch, and back to Devils Garden Trailhead carpark.

We ran out of time, so we didn't go on the 3 mile trail to reach Delicate Arch, but we went 0.5 miles and had a far view at Lower Delicate Arch Viewpoint. 

A beautiful deer in Arches NP.
We drove to Grand Canyon South Rim to stay the night.

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