Saturday, November 17, 2012

US - Antelope Canyon

Glen Canyon Dam

The annual Balloon Regata event in Page.

We joined Lower Antelope Canyon tour - $26 for adult (in cash, no electricity there, so they don't accept credit cards.) This is the entrance to the slot canyon. 

Spiderman eyes?

Woman with long hair?

Tour guide playing a double flute.

Eagle head?

Antelope Canyon is not a national park, it is Navajo (Native American) owned & operated.

Climbing up.

The end of the tour.

We walked the Hanging Garden Trail.

Lake Powell

Viewpoint named Horseshoe Bend.

Leaving Page, brown & white colored hills along Highway 89. 
During this trip, our GPS was constantly trying to lead us off into the wilderness.  All along the route to the north rim, it kept telling us to turn on little dirt roads, or at places where there were no roads.  On this leg of the trip, it got smarter.  It had us turn on Johnson Canyon Rd, which was a small, paved road.  After about 15 miles though, it turned into an unpaved dirt road for the last 20 miles.  It eventually got us to the highway, but it took much more time than if we'd taken the longer route, staying on the highway the whole way.   With the bad road, no cell phone coverage, almost no traffic on the road, and no houses, we were very glad we had a new rental car (less than 9000 miles on it when we started out.)

After that, we had trouble finding the hotel we planned to stay in that evening, because Bryce Canyon City only became a city recently & wasn't included in our GPS maps.  GPS is good, but always trust the road signs more.
We stayed a night in Bryce Canyon City.

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