Monday, March 9, 2009

Medical insurance

A few days ago, I took a little roll of bread Steve made from the freezer. I thought to cut it into three slices and bake it for my breakfast. The bread was frozen and hard. I managed to slice it once, and while my right hand was holding the knife trying to cut the second slice, the bread skipped out of the way, but the knife cut into my left forefinger. So, it was bleeding fast. I called Steve, he came back home to take me to the ER at the hospital. I was kidding and blamed Steve for making such a hard kind of bread when the registration staff asked the cause of my injury! The wound was not long but a little deep, so the doctor gave me four stitches. He did it in less than half an hour, but we were waiting there quite long. We arrived there about 10.50am and it was 1.50pm when we finally got out.

I wondered why we had to go to the hospital ER even just a little injury? If in Malaysia, we would go to a clinic. Here, the medical procedure is a little different. We need to have an appointment with the doctor. As we have medical insurance, we pay US$10 for every doctor visit, but US$50 to go to a hospital ER.

In the USA, the fees are expensive for people who don’t have medical insurance. How expensive? I don’t know. I knew a Taiwanese person who went back to Taiwan to seek medical help, as she doesn’t have medical insurance…

I wish all of us are healthy always!






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take care and guess you cannot play guitar for steve liao..

hey! cheng beng is round the corner and it is pretty "lau juat"
but cannot accept the concept as many still burning $$$ away....

this year I delibrately tol;d my family members just offer fruits and kueh kueh... alas..still burning some hell $ and general items for the ancestors

eHeart said...

hmm... i don't want slice roti anymore. ;-p
oh yeah... it is burning $$$.
i'll only send my respect in mindfulness to ancestors.
no burning papers, can safe tree and also protect environment.