Friday, March 27, 2009

Life extension

In medical science, there are many cases when an organ is transplanted to a patient. However, there is a risk that the patient’s body might reject it and lose their life. Do you know that nowadays medical science is so advanced that they can take your cells and plant them on a ‘mould organ’ and grow it using machines for several weeks, then transplant the new organ to you once it is functional, and extend your life?

A few days ago, on a famous show called ‘Oprah’, they had a show with Dr. Oz talking about Extreme Life Extension. Dr. Oz talked about the latest high-tech breakthroughs in medical science. He interviewed the researchers at the organ transplant lab. He briefed the process of growing the organ to transplant. Dr. Oz also introduced a guest who lost part of his finger and couldn’t find the missing piece. He had used a powder developed by medical science and grew a new, functioning half finger. He said that finger was younger than the other fingers and the nail on that finger grows faster than his other fingernails.

Wow…isn’t it amazing? We know that lizards can re-grow a lost tail. People can also grow a lost part huh!

Let’s imagine, if the mystery of living forever wasn’t a mystery anymore…. Do you want to live forever? How would the world be if the population keeps growing more and more?


前幾天美國著名的Oprah節目與Dr. Oz訪談關於 Extreme Life Extension(我翻譯為: 廷續生命極限)。Dr. Oz介紹了近日高科技的醫學突破,他錄影到該培植器官醫所及他大略講讲解醫務如何進行培植器官。Dr. Oz也介紹一位嘉賓的一根手指,他的手指因故段了半截,但找不回段截駁接回他的手指,他用了醫學研發的粉狀物,成功生長出活動自如新的另半截手指,他說這手指比其它手指年輕,而且這手指甲長得比其它的指甲快長。




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