Monday, August 7, 2017

Fence damaged

I heard a loud noise of fencing, I looked out from the window. I saw a girl was standing and bouncing on our fence. And there had three boys were chatting. The girl got down when she saw me at the window. I just realize how the fence was damaged. I walked away to the other room for 3 minutes, and I heard the fence noise again. I saw a boy was standing and bouncing for few seconds then he got down, and the girl got up doing it again.
I went out to them, two boys tried to hide behind the tree, a boy tried not look at me, and the girl was still on the fence. I talked to the girl nicely, please don't do the damage, and jumping on the fence will hurt you. She is about 5 year old, I don't know she understood what I was saying or not.

I told Steve about this issued when he back to home. He went out to look at the damaged fence.

After 1-2 hours, we heard the fencing noise again. Steve saw a boy was sitting and bouncing the fence, so he yelled at them.

After our busy weekend, we didn't see the kids today.


Steve went to talk to the neighbor.

When Steve back inside to the house and I asked how was....
The old lady said she didn't know about it, she apology and she will call the kids' dad. He said to her he will buy things to repair it.

I felt not right, the kids' dad supposes responsible to do the repair. However, Steve said he will deal with it.

After I wrote the above, I rethink about it.. I appreciate Steve's compassionate and empathy towards the old lady (the kids are not living in the house, think that she might baby sitting them for living). I hope she lives well and peaceful. That's just a little loss, we can bear it.

My kind husband did a good job, the fence is done.

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