Sunday, June 11, 2017

Airshow at Scott Field

我隔了9年没去看空軍展了,我告訴朋友,她和兒子在 IL 住了三年,不知有這活動,就載他們一起去。
We last went to the airshow at Scott AFB in 2008, I thought to go again, so I invited my friend to go with us.
On the way to the airshow, we saw a gold BMW.

During the opening, while we were still waiting in line to get in, the Army's Black Daggers came down with the US flag.

Near the entrance, a B-1 bomber was on display, and had a long line of people waiting to walk through.

This is a renovated B-25 from WWII.  They were selling tickets to take rides in the plane in July.  

One of the largest cargo planes in the world, a C-5.

This was the performance most people came to see - the Air Force Thunderbirds!


We heard the crowd was about 80 thousand on Saturday.  More were expected on Sunday.

On the drive home, we passed the iconic Brook's Catsup bottle in Collinsville.

朋友說這間 Bobby's Frozen Custard 好吃,回他們家會經過,我們當然不會錯失。
On the way back, our friend recommended stopping at Bobby's Frozen Custard in Maryville, IL for a treat, similar to Ted Drewes and Fritz's in St. Louis.


Anonymous said...

I rode in that (B-25)! It is amazing !1!!


Anonymous said...

Those are good pictures Sin Ie!