Monday, April 17, 2017

Re-take driving exam

Steve needed information of my driving license to file the state income tax, and found that my driving license is expired (I didn't receive the reminder). Steve checked online, and it couldn't be renewed if it was expired more than 6 months or 184 days. 
Mine is expired 185 days!
Oh noooooo!

I need to have a driving test again!

Today, I went to take the driving exam. The written test has 25 questions, and if 6 or more wrong answers, you fail. The test can be taken twice per day. I got 6 wrong and failed the first time.  Luckily, I passed the second time. Then we waited another hour until my turn for the driving test. I felt relieved when the examiner said I passed.  After that, we went to the DMV and waited another 30-45 minutes to get my new license.  From arriving at the testing office until I had my new license took about 4 hours.

I have my driving license again. 


Anonymous said...

Huh...just 1 day late and you need to go thru the troubles again....

Wah Chin

eHeart said...

That's the rule.
Steve likes delay things..that's why he couldn't submit the file a day earlier.
I needed someone to blame to, he is the one. :P

Anonymous said...

Glad I spent my childhood preparing him for that - lol!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think I still owe you for a few things... I heard all these stories from people at work, but never appreciated them until I got married. ;-)

At least I didn't have to bail her out of jail & get the car out of impound for driving with an expired license, which I assume is what would have happened if she'd been pulled over. :-D


Anonymous said...

In the big scheme of the world, I'm glad this is your biggest frustration.