Friday, October 28, 2016

Iceland - Reykjavik


We were thinking again to have a trip to Bhutan for my birthday, but still didn't make it. Somehow Steve mentioned  Iceland and we made it.
The currency 1000 krona = US$8.76

Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, is a little hard to pronounce correctly.
I have a friend living in Reykjavik, and she gave me a lot of information and invited us to a fine dinner, so appreciated.

Hallgrimskirkja church is designed to resemble the basalt lava flows found in Iceland's landscape. There is no fee to enter the church, but there is an admission fee to go up to the observation tower at the top for the city view.

The church is one of the most popular places for tourists, and can be seen from most places in downtown Reykjavik.

They have two seasons, Oct-Mar is winter and Apr-Sep is summer. I think the temperature was around 40F while we were there, 6-16 Oct., with strong wind.

Icelandic buildings have unique architecture.

An outstanding store design.

Black and White buildings.

The smurf dog is a real dog, and he sat still when I wanted to take his picture.  It looked like he was trained to sit in front of the box on the window when tourists passed by on the street.

A weird museum, the Icelandic Phalological Museum.

The national museum.

The parliament building.

Reykjavik City Hall, a modern building with a lovely view of  lake Tjornin. The building also has a hall used as a gallery and exhibition hall.

Saga museum.

Old Harbor.

A little restaurant Saegreifinn, near the old harbor, with the best known lobster soup.

The soup has several lobster chunks in it and is served with bread.

The Reykjavik flea market, open only on weekends.

The most famous lamb hot dog in Iceland, always a long queue.

Harpa Concert Hall, a stunning design in glass.

Inside the Harpa concert hall.

 Sun Voyager, a modern sculpture representing the skeleton of an old viking ship.

Hofdi House, a historically significant building.

Perlan ("The Pearl"), free entrance.

We saved our money by not going up in the church's tower, but we could see the 360 degree city views from the observation deck of Perlan.

Laugardalur thermal pool.

Botanical garden.

A park near the garden and zoo.

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