Monday, October 31, 2016

Iceland - Inside the Volcano

After the tour, we still had 2 full days in Iceland. 

So, we decided to book another tour as we walked past a tourism center.

It's "Inside the Volcano" - a 5 hour tour for 42,000 krona per person = US$373, very expensive. 
不怕,據說這火山已休眠4000年。當初在1974用繩索進入發現這火山洞的 Arni B. Stefansson,他一直覺得這奇特美妙的天然現象不該只沉寂山口下。2004年他開始推動作介紹 Trihunkagigur 火山,期望公眾能進入觀賞火山的計劃,2012年終於實行。
要看這火山的内在美,42000 krona 大概美金$373,貴吧?
The bus picked us up and took us to their center, then a guide led us on a 2 mile hike to the volcano. 

On the way, there are several lava tubes, and we again crossed the North American-Eurasian tectonic plate divide.

After about a 50 mins hike, we took a rest with hot coffee in the small hut they call the "base camp". Everyone got a souvenir bandanna.  Then we put on the helmet & harness and headed up the volcano.

After a short hike, we were at the mouth of the dormant Trihunkagigur volcano.

At the mouth of the volcano is a small catwalk and a lift, a modified window washer's rig, that can carry only about 6-7 people into the volcano at a time.

The 'neck' is a little wider, a unique natural phenomenon.

Here the cable lift is coming down slowly.

 400 ft. (150 m) to the bottom of the crater.

 Someone described: It's so large inside that the Statue of Liberty can fit inside with room to spare.

We had about 30 mins to explore the magma chamber, the intense heat and pressure caused minerals deep in the rock to display a variety of gorgeous colors.

Time to go back up.

The rain cleared while we were in the volcano, and we could see the beautiful surrounding views after we came up.

The hut welcomed us back with traditional Icelandic lamb or vegetable hot soup and hot coffee.  It felt good to take off the harnesses.

Then, the 2 mile walk back along the same route.

The guide led us to see one of the collapsed lava tubes along the way.  

Another 50 mins walking back. Our legs were sore by the end of this tour.

During our 10 nights in Iceland, we had just one night when we saw a few seconds of green northern lights.  I am not satisfied.

However, the price of everything is expensive but Iceland is environmental, and has wonderful clean air.

The plume of steam from a geyser waved goodbye to us as we left Iceland.


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This is interesting! Thank you for sharing! I always love colorful rocks.


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