Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Chinese-Malaysian coconut tart

This is a Chinese-Malaysian coconut tart, a little different than other coconut tarts.  These are covered with an almond cookie on top. That means it has three parts: the dough, the filling, and the cookie top. They took a long time to make. 
With Steve's help, it took almost 6 hours to make batch of about 20 tarts. 

Two different kinds of dough go into the tart, which creates a kind of puff pastry, using oil instead of butter.

Each type of dough is divided into 10 pieces.

The dough containing oil is wrapped by the other dough.

Flatten the dough and roll it twice, and it will be like puff pastry.

Mix well the coconut filling ingredients.

Mix the almond cookie dough.

Added almond meal.

Flatten the plain dough and layer the almond dough on top, then roll them like a Swiss roll. 

After chilling the almond cookie dough, slice the roll into 20 cookies.

Shape the puff pastry dough in the mold, then add coconut filling, and cover with almond cookie dough.

Brush with egg before put in oven.

The first 10 turned out well after baking.

They tasted great!


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They look delicious


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Wow! That is lots of work! They look delicious though.