Monday, July 28, 2014

One day sunflower

This morning I watered the plants and found that the tallest sunflower plant (about 5' tall) had fallen down.
The sunflower has been a bud the last few days and was just blooming this morning when I picked it up.

I looked at the stem, it was rotten. I guessed it might have been bitten by an animal and turned bad.
 We tried to prop it up with a plant hanging pole.
Two hours later, Steve went to see it and came back to tell me: "You might want to say goodbye to the sunflower."

 Ah, I haven't enjoyed seeing you enough. You will be in the picture for memory.

Those other sunflower plants in the line are very short, because the dirt is not so good and not enough sun and water.

Two weeks ago, I went to my friend's house, and her sunflower was blooming at about 8-9' tall.

See how big the head of sunflower from the other friend who gave us the seeds, we both got half head of it last year.

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Anonymous said...

Life is impermanent, we need to accept whatever happens.