Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Innsbrook Resort at Aspen Lake

Last week I started a part time job introduced by a friend. So, I met Stevie.
 She invited us to her house over the weekend, a very beautiful big house.

After we all arrived at her house, we drove about 15 mins to Innsbrook Resort at Aspen Lake where she has a plot of land, but she decided not to build a house there yet. However, she has a boat on the lake to go fishing and swimming.

Loading stuff in the boat, and getting ready to have fun.

Stevie briefed those who don't know how to swim.

Her husband, Al was driving the boat. 
They both are very nice and friendly.

These four are a family, their two girls so excited. 

Stevie came to take Kathy, and taught her how to float and swim.

Some of them fished, but Steve caught a hat. 
Someone's hat flew off into the lake.

A big water gun fight and water shooting games.

A big current? Steve, are you in danger?

Eventually everybody needed to go into the water, because that is a toilet.

I pretend I can drive a boat.

The boat was moving to the lake center, everyone in the water must hold tight. 

We passed some people surfing, doing yoga on surf boards & kayaking.

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