Saturday, May 17, 2014

US - Wind Cave, Jewel Cave and Crazy Horse

Wind Cave National Park is one of the few caves in the world has these delicate 'boxwork' formations.

$10 is the adult fee for the "Garden of Eden" guided tour which is the only they had on May 4.

Geologists have a few competing theories about how these honeycombs (boxwork) are formed.

There are 2-3 different guided tours in Jewel Cave National Monument.  We joined the tour that was about to start when we arrived there. It is The Scenic tour, $12 per adult.
The long and thin formation like a 'soda straw', which is a hollow tube that has been growing so long it has connected to rock below.

There was a lot of variety rock formations, they formed by water filtering through the ground into the cave. 
These are 'jellyfish' formations.

Some of the ground above has high iron content, which contributes a reddish color to some formations, like this 20 foot long piece of 'bacon'.

The entrance fee at Crazy Horse Memorial is $11 per adult.

And the bus ride is $4 per adult to have closer view.

It has been under construction for several decades already, but progress has been slow. So far, only the face has been completed. 

They are just beginning work on his hand and the head of his horse.
This project is funded entirely by private donations.

The white statue is the vision of the final monument. 

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