Tuesday, May 20, 2014

US - Devil Tower, Little Bighorn and Bighorn Canyon

We got into Wyoming on May 5, and our first stop was Devils Tower National Monument ($10 per car).

This was the first national monument designated by president Teddy Roosevelt, back in 1906. Seeing it up-close, it's easy to understand why people have regarded this as a sacred area for so long.

Devils Tower is well guarded by a large village of prairie dogs. Prairie dogs in South Dakota & Wyoming appear to outnumber the human inhabitants.

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Memorial ($10 per car) in Montana.

Neat place to visit, though solemn.

We drove from Little Bighorn to north entrance of Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

We found the road to the visitor center was closed, and we can just see the Yellowtail Dam far away.

We drove back to Wyoming to the south entrance of Bighorn Canyon.

The horseshoe bend.

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