Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vegetarian? 素了嗎?






A vegetarian friend started growing vegetables in her back yard last year. She shared her discomfort about killing some worms while she was digging the garden. It was killing.
I replied to her in rational thought that we are killing everyday, like when boiling a pot of water, many germs are killed that we can't see. That's not a big deal as long as we are not doing it intentionally.

I am not a vegetarian yet, but I cook vegetarian food mostly since I must cook.

Last week, another friend gave me some vegetables from her garden. It took several hours to wash the leaves, because I needed to look all around on every leaf. I felt discomfort while washing them, so I started chanting for those tiny insects, may they get that transfer of merit...

The place without chemicals is heaven to the worms and insects.
A leaf is the life of insect.
How many insects in a meal of mine?

When boiling water and cooking meals, even though I can't see those tiny creatures, but in knowledge, I am killing.
Can I really be vegetarian?

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