Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pawpaw fruit

This is pawpaw fruit, from a tree native to America. However, we couldn't find pawpaw fruit in stores because they ripen quickly once picked, in just 2-3 days. That's why many people don't know about this fruit.

My friend has a tree, planted 7 years ago, which finally produces fruit. She shared the fruits with me and I like the taste.

這一種很香甜味的水果,在店裡是買不到的,是朋友分享她種的果子樹,叫pawpaw(音: 波波)。朋友說這是美國native(土長種)果樹,她在店買了樹苗在家種了七年后才生果。果子熟了就会掉在地上,三天不吃,果皮就會變黑了


The taste is a little bit like a mix of banana and mango.

如果要形容這果肉的味道,有點像芒果,又有點像香蕉,又有點像鳳梨,又有點像釋迦果… 不過又不是很像,pawpaw就是pawpaw ,總之好吃。

Last year I composted the seeds and they started growing, so I planted. Now waiting for the fruits, in seven to ten years, will see!


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