Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas red packet 聖誕紅包

We greet each other every morning: Have a new great day! 

我們每天早上都會互相祝: 擁有新的美好一天!

今早, 他說: 擁有新的美好聖誕節日! 
我說: 你不是說你是佛教徒嗎?
他說: 那就, 擁有新的美好佛節日!

This morning, he said: Have a new great Christmas day! 
I said: Didn't you said you are Buddhist? 
He said: Then, have a new great Buddha-mas day!

Later, he gave me a 'red packet' (called AngPow in Hokkien). 
I said: Wow, I have a Christmas gift. Santa Claus knows about AngPow also? 
He said: Yeah, he knows all the culture, that's why he is red. 
I said: Oh ya, he is dressed like a red packet.

我說: 哇,我有聖誕禮物。聖誕老人也知道我要的是紅包。
他說: 是啊,聖誕老人什麼禮俗都會,他知道紅包,所以他整身就是紅紅的。
我說: 對呀,他就是像紅包。

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Anonymous said...


I like very much your Buddhamas story and the illustrations.

I wish you and Steve a very Happy and Healthy New Year.
You are also a most helpful and delightful fellow worker.