Saturday, July 7, 2012

Inheritance? 遺傳?

I posted a question to my friends (who are studying psychology/counseling):

Are disorders, such as violent behavior, depression, compulsive behavior disorder or harmful behavior to self or other will be inherited by future generations? Which branch of psychology talks about genetic inheritance?


有爆力或憂鬱症或強迫症(OCD)或虐待.. 者會基因遺傳給下一代嗎?請問在心理學的理論中,有那一派談到這些嗎?

I wanted to share this response (I got his permission):

The Biopsychosocial Model has clearly explained this. "Genetic inheritance" is only one of the domains that contributed to mental disorders. Mental disorders are hardly ever limited to just one domain of human experience.

Although many research had suggested many mental disorders clients had family history, this does not implies that genetic inheritance is the main contributing factors to all kind of mental disorders. When someone has mentally ill in a family, a child in the family would experience more stress than most of his/her peers (Psychological Domain) and probably has an atypical growing up environment (Social Domain). When these psycho-social factors, combined with the biological predisposing factors, they increase the likelihood of an individual to be a mental health service user.

In other words, if the offspring of mental health service users could understand their parents' condition, knowing how the illness had affected them, unconditionally accept their family environment, learning to cope and response to life challenges effectively, as well as having healthy interpersonal and social supports, they would able to greatly decrease their likelihood of 'inheriting' mental disorders from their parents.


Biopsychosocial Theory 清楚的説明了這一點。所謂的基因遺傳,只是三大精神病導因的其中之一。單單具備生物基因遺傳的條件,一般是不足以引發精神病的。

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