Sunday, July 1, 2012

Coconut egg tarts

First time making these coconut egg tarts. Tasty success!

I will bring these tarts to my friend's house to share.

I like coconut tart and egg tart, so I made coconut egg tarts... tasty success!
My husband is always picky food, didn't want to have a bite, 不給我臉!(in Chinese, if translate directly: 'didn't give me face'. who want to help me to tell what it means?)
I will share these tarts with friends, maybe they will appreciate.
我喜歡椰撻及蛋撻,就做了椰蛋撻... 很好吃!


MF said...

Maybe your hubby does not like coconut ! Sin E Tan Lk, why don't you lower down voice, soften your tone , feed him with your food " Baby ~ ~ one bite~ ~ please~ ~ " Try & see..whether can work out ? Dun worry, i still have different types of method ;)

eHeart said...

haha.. that's why i said he picky food. believe me, i tried many times, like.. i soften my tone and feet him with my food, he always replied: not right now. my friends said the tarts looked like sunflowers, and they said the taste very good. a guy said: did steve help you to make them? i said no. did he taste it. i said no. when i back home, i told steve about that. after a while, he said: why people.... (Steve Ellebracht can you say again?)

Steve said...

Ha-ha! I think what I said was that I've always wondered why everyone seems so much more interested than I am regarding what I eat, when I eat, how much I eat, what foods I like & don't like, why I don't want to try a new food... People have been asking these questions for over 40 years already. I know it's strange, but I've just never really liked food very much.

And...the last time I fell for the "one bite" method, I think I was fed durian, so that trick will NEVER work again! :-)

eHeart said...

你看,他就是很獨特!所以我說不用煮給他吃,有人說,那他娶老婆不是很虧本。我想也許我真是'賺'到了..至少不用每天想要煮什么給他吃或用什么method釣先生的口味loh.. ;p