Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Canada - Niagara Falls

It was a good plan to go up in Skylon Tower in the evening. The ticket is C$12 plus tax, but you can find C$2 coupons in tourist information books at the information centers.

The top of Skylon Tower was a great place to see the beautiful sunset (around 8.45pm in late May.)

Colored lights illuminate the Falls starting from 9pm every night.

And fireworks at 10pm every Friday and Sunday.

People Mover bus ticket is C$11.30 for two days (all day pass but they don't sell for just one day).

We stopped at Floral Clock & saw a cute little racoon.

We stopped and visited Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple, a free thing to do. (opposite the White Water Walk)

We stopped at the Whirlpool Aero Car station, but it wasn't running at that time because of high winds.

We stopped at Niagara Glen, and hiked on the trails. From there we saw the Whirlpool jet boats, the blue is covered and the red one is open, so you must be prepared to get soaked.

We stopped at Queenston Heights Park.  This was the northern-most stop on the People Mover bus.

A black squirrel.

A view from funicular (inclined rail) C$2.50 for a one way ride, or C$6 for an all-day pass. 

And they have gambling...

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