Sunday, March 25, 2012

Asian American vs Chinese Malaysian

A friend is Taiwanese American.  She said, her son told her that, among his classmates they describe themselves - some are ABC, he is ABT. 
ABC means American-Born Chinese, ABT means American-Born Taiwanese. 

Mostly, I introduce myself as Chinese Malaysian if people ask. I am proud my parents were born in China and I respect my race. 

I am not sure how those Malaysians who already changed their citizenship will describe themselves? 
Chinese-Malaysian American? 
Anyway, this is your own description. Officially, here race will be listed as Asian American. 
They are from Malaysia, but some of their spouses are American or Hong Kong or Taiwanese or... 
Nevertheless, whether they are white or black or yellow, their kids born here would be American.   

In Malaysia, even though we are born there, if we are not Malay but another race, we don’t have the same opportunities from the time we begin school. We are like 'second class' citizens.  

有一位來自台灣的朋友,Taiwanese American(台灣美國人)的她說,原來她的孩子在同學之間有這樣的形容: 有人是ABCABC = American Born Chinese。他是ABTABT = American Born Taiwanese

大多時,我向洋人介紹自己是Chinese Malaysian(馬來西亞華人),因為我尊重我源自出生在中國父母的血統。

Chinese-Malaysia American(馬來西亞華裔美國人)?
不過怎樣形容也是自個兒的事,美國官方是統一為Asian American(亞裔美國人)。


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