Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kuih Ketayap


我做了娘惹糕之一的Kuih Ketayap/Kuih Dadar,給倆位朋友品嚐。

一位說: 這是什麼?她是台灣人沒吃過。

一位說: 很香,皮有些薄,味道很像。他是馬來西亞人,果然識貨,評估得很确實。

Normally I am in the mood to make the desserts/snacks, when I can share them with people. If not, I can’t finish them by myself and so don’t have the desire to make them.

I made Kuih Ketayap/Kuih Dadar, a Nyonya dish. I took them to meet two friends. One said: What is this? She is Taiwanese and never had this before. Another one said: Smell the fragrance, the wrapper is a bit thin, the taste is right. He is Malaysian, of course he knew and his comment is true.

The recipe食鐠

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